Welcome to Advance Door Centre

We have the largest selection of doors in the North East with over 300 doors on display in our showroom and over 2000 doors in stock in our on site warehouse. As we are the only 'Door only' business trading in Sunderland it means our ranges are extensive, and a lot of them being exclusive to Advance Door Centre which means we can offer unique doors and other hardware throughout our city and beyond. With a wide range of doors being imported from around the world. 

Our vast array of doors comes from all over the world and we consider ourselves to be the height of fashion when it comes to doors.  If you’re looking for a good old traditional English heritage door or more the uber chic, elegant contemporary design we are sure to help you achieve the style you want for your home.

Don’t forget your door is the focal viewpoint for any room and is one of, if not the biggest accessory you can dress your room with.  Why spend all that effort and thought on the interior of a room when the door is the entrance and exit to your show piece.  Practicality and fine presentation are important components when choosing the right door and working with established recognizable interior designers over the years has enabled us to achieve customer excellence and a guarantee which provides an accurate and efficient service here at Advance Door Centre.