Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale

Check your door and glass (remove film) thoroughly prior to fitting as under no circumstances will they be exchanged once worked on.

In our experience, the most important thing is to ensure that you completely seal your door to avoid moisture getting in.

Do not fit your door in damp or newly plastered areas or before it has been properly finished or sealed.

Internal doors must be sealed within 48hrs, external doors must be sealed immediately after being fitted.

Make sure you’ve received everything ordered and that it is correct before booking a carpenter.

Should a fault develop after installation, and you’ve followed our instructions, we’ll replace the door but won’t pay for any labour costs.

Oil Based primer, undercoat, topcoat must be used on bare timber NOT water based.

Guarantee conditions - Care & treatment of your internal or external door

Advance Door Centre takes great pride in sourcing the very best products to cater for the widest range in tastes. The care taken during manufacture and the quality of the raw materials used ensures that your door will give many years of good service.Timber is a natural product, different coloration in the grain and knots are not faults. Every single door and all new products are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against faulty material or manufacture, so long as it is treated in accordance with our instructions. Our ironmongery is also guaranteed for 12 months. Any goods purchased as factory seconds, clearance, end of line, ex-display stock or warehouse damaged are sold as seen, do not carry a guarantee and are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Please check your goods!

When signing for receipt of your door(s) and/or ancillary items, (either when they are delivered or collected), “unchecked” will not be accepted. Visible damage must be detailed and noted clearly by you at the time of receipt on the Delivery/Receipt Note for any claim to be entertained. Advance Door Company accepts no liability if costs are incurred by booking a carpenter before having received and checked all goods.

Any claims for damaged goods - or where goods supplied are not those ordered - must be reported within 3 working days of receipt. Just because the door may be nicely wrapped doesn’t mean that you don’t have to check it!

Every effort is made to supply you with the correct door in perfect condition. However, on occasion, errors are made or a door is not up to standard. It is imperative that you check your doors for any of the following potential faults prior to commencing any alterations:

Visible damage i.e. scratches, dents or chips

Warping or bowing beyond the 4mm tolerance

Scratches on glass , film must be removed.

Wrong door model or size supplied.

Two odd doors where you were expecting a matching pair.

The above are examples of potential faults/errors but this list is not exhaustive.

Please remember that, by fitting or finishing your door or making alterations in any way, you will be deemed to have accepted the goods as supplied. Unfortunately, we cannot replace a faulty or incorrectly supplied door if ANY alterations have been carried out. Please remember that just because you may not be the one fitting it doesn’t excuse you from checking!

Storage, site & installation

Prior to fitting, the door must be stored in a cool, dry atmosphere and be stored flat.

An internal door is suitable for internal use only and must not be exposed to moisture in any way. Equally, an external door has been designed solely for use externally and must not be fitted inside. Doors must not be hung in damp or newly plastered rooms or suddenly exposed to central heating or other forms of direct heat. Caution should be taken fitting doors on freshly screeded floors and in double-glazed porches and conservatories that are prone to extremes of heat or humidity. Avoid placing and fitting doors close to radiators as this will warp or bow your door. Kitchens and bathrooms should be well ventilated to prevent prolonged periods of exposure to moisture.

This door is a quality piece of furniture, please treat it with care!

Making alterations

Once you have checked your door over thoroughly, typically the maximum that your door can be altered in width is by 6mm off each edge and the same from the top and bottom. Many doors can be reduced by more but please check with us before taking action if you are not sure. If you’ve bought a door that is sold as fully finished, you must re-seal any edges and cavities or cut-outs immediately after having made any alterations. The top and bottom of the door are often overlooked but must be done, even if it involves taking the door down for a short while. To properly finish your door requires at least 3 coats of an appropriate product.

Maintenance & finishing

Most of our external doors and frames are sold unfinished, meaning that they need to be stained, varnished or painted after purchase. It is vital that the door or frame is sealed properly in advance of installation. If you fit the door unfinished and it is subjected to rain or direct sunlight, the door will be ruined. You must use an OIL or SPIRIT BASED product when treating the door which will properly seal the timber from moisture ingress . Use a branded well known finishing product. We recommend Sikkens treatments or Sadolin are fine too. Use as many coats as the manufacturer recommends but do check that you have done a good job, spray a little water on the door and see that the water forms beads and runs off. If it doesn’t then apply another coat or two. Don’t forget to seal the areas that you can’t see such as the tops and bottoms and inside lock and letterbox cut-outs. Many of our internal doors are sold unfinished too. These need to be sealed straight away to stop the timber drying out and splitting or taking in moisture that is in the air. It is just as important to seal the tops and bottoms when fitting doors internally. Our manufacturers don’t accept Waxing or Oiling a door as appropriate methods of sealing so we cannot provide a guarantee for any door which has been treated in this way.

More and more doors are being supplied ‘fully finished’. Remember, if you’ve bought a door that is sold under this heading, you must re-seal any trimmed edges, cavities or cut-outs straight away. The top and bottom of the door are often overlooked but must be done, even if it involves taking the door down for a short while. This is particularly important for sealing the end grain which acts like a sponge and soaks up any moisture, causing a door to swell and split. Equally, egress of moisture can cause timber to crack/split and bow.

Protection of doors in exposed locations & ongoing maintenance of external doorsWe cannot guarantee an external door that is fitted in an exposed location with no protection from the elements. A rain canopy or open porch of 1000mm wide x 600mm deep fitted above a typical single external door will protect your door and ensure that it lasts for many years to come. If this is not an option and you have installed one of our doors contrary to our instructions, correct initial treatment and regular maintenance are essential. After installation and at least once a year, lightly sand and apply a further coat of the finishing treatment to protect the fibres of the timber from deterioration and discolouration. The aim is to keep any water from penetrating your door. If you notice areas that need attention please treat them immediately.

Once your door has been treated, for further protection you should apply a bead of clear silicone around all external glazing apertures. Please bear in mind that timber is a natural material which is subject to changes in temperature and humidity. We cannot accept liability for natural movement or distortion, warping, swelling or splitting which is caused by the door being exposed to extremes of temperature or humidity. A bow of 4mm along the length of the door is not unusual and is deemed to be within manufactured tolerances. Please note that oak as a timber is renowned for its decorative grain which is prone to small “shakes” or splits appearing. This is part of the beauty of the timber and is not considered a defect. Any flaws that appear after installation should be filled and re-finished promptly.All external doors must have a weatherboard fitted.

If you have any questions regarding the care or treatment of your door, please call our Door Experts on 0191 510 1511.

Special order items and non-stock items are not returnable and are non cancellable and non refundable once an order has been placed and confirmed.

Only items kept regularly in stock may benefit from a refund, which is entirely at the discretion of the Manager . Should a refund be available and authorized by the Manager, the following conditions will apply:

A handling charge of minimum 30% of the total purchase price shall be incurred upon the return of any normally stocked items that are returned in perfect condition and unused, complete with the original packaging.

Refunds will only be considered on production of proof of purchase (which must be within 1 month of the date of sale).

Refunds of defective goods, will only be given when goods are returned to Advance Door Centre.

Upon placing an order you may be advised of an estimated lead-time. The estimate is an ‘estimate’ and not a firm date of arrival of goods. Various factors affect the supply of goods (many of which are imported from overseas) and as such we cannot be held responsible for failure to supply within an estimated lead time. We will however endeavor to keep you up to date with the progress of your order. If your order is particularly time critical and can only be placed if a particular delivery date is met, please notify us in writing of your time-frame and we will confirm whether we accept your order on this basis.

Where our fitting service has been used it is the customers responsibility to ensure all cut outs eg L/ plates and locks are sealed also most importantly top and bottom edges where end grain is exposed. 

Please note that if you are placing a repeat order (i.e. for additional goods that you are hoping to match to goods previously supplied), we are unable to guarantee continuity in product. Elements such as the timber colour or grain, panel sizes, rail heights etc. may all vary from previous stocks. We source our products worldwide and reserve the right to change manufacturer sources without prior notice. To avoid future disappointment, please purchase all goods for a project in one go.

Our Sales Contract is with the named person or Company who have placed their order with us.

All items must be paid for in full prior to delivery or collection unless agreed by manager. The title of goods remains with Aspect Door Company Ltd. until full payment has been made. We shall not be held responsible for any incidental work or expenses arising out of or because of any defect in our product or failure to deliver within an estimated time-frame. In the event of goods proving to be defective (manufacturer’s defect only) which need replacement, our liability shall not exceed the replacement of the faulty goods.

We are happy to accept orders from all over the country. We do ask that you arrange your own courier. However, on signing for the product(s) at the point of collection, your agent is confirming as your representative that the goods have been received satisfactorily. Please note that our guarantee is not valid for products once they are outside a 30 mile radius.

We aim to supply quality products as efficiently as possible but there are occasions when mistakes are made through human error. Should this occur we would be very sorry for any inconvenience caused and would do our utmost to rectify any problems as quickly as possible.